Announcing Briarwood Fyvie: Our Scotland Depot

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with everyone. Briarwood is taking a significant leap forward in our commitment to serving our Scottish customers, especially those in remote agricultural areas. We are expanding our operations by taking over part of the Fyvie Steels site (based in Aberdeen), a move that will enhance our service and support for our valued clients.

Here are some key highlights of this development:

  • New Location: Briarwood Fyvie is strategically located to cater to our customers in the region. This expansion demonstrates our dedication to bringing our products closer to you.
  • Stock Availability: We will have a wide range of stock available which means you can easily collect the products you need without delays. If collection is not viable, then we offer a 7-10 working day direct to farm delivery available across all of Scotland.
  • Full Fibre Cement Product Range: We will stock our complete range of high-quality fibre cement products. This includes the popular BIG 6®/EUROSIX traditional 6-inch fibre cement profile, which has been a trusted choice among our customers.
  • Hunter Plastics and Brett Martin Rainwater Goods: As well as our entire fibre cement range, we will also be proud to stock the entire guttering and drainage range from Hunter Plastics and Brett Martin.
  • Ordering Options: You have the flexibility to choose how you want to receive your orders. All customers are welcome to call our landline 01651 313122 to place orders or by emailing

Visit Briarwood Fyvie and meet our new Branch Manager

Matthew Moir (1)We welcome Matthew Moir who will be our Branch Manager for Briarwood Fyvie. Matthew will be on standby to support you and your needs.

You can opt to collect your products from Briarwood Fyvie, providing you with convenience and quicker access to our offerings. Alternatively, you can continue to place orders as usual through our sales office at 01934 641446.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for Briarwood, and it underscores our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, particularly those in the agricultural sector in the remote areas of Scotland. We are excited about the opportunities this new depot will bring, and we are confident it will enhance our ability to serve you better.