Our Meadowscape effect creates a beautiful time-worn look and feel and will bring character to any structure it is fitted onto.

  • The matte colour shade is a pigmented top layer of the fibre cement mix interfused during manufacture.
  • Heavy variation in the colour and shade are purposely intended to give an enhanced appearance*
  • It is designed to blend and fade from the day it is installed into the rural landscape.

Meadowscape roofing sheets and fittings delivered in 3-5 working days

Our transport team will work with you to arrange the best time to deliver your order. We have the capability to deliver your roofing sheets and fittings within 3-5 working days, or you can specify a preferred delivery date. All of our specialised vehicles come with offload and can deliver nationwide direct-to-site.

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Meadowscape fibre cement sheets, fittings and accessories

EUROSIX fibre cement sheets
One-piece Ventilation Fibre Cement Ridge
One-piece Ventilation Fibre Cement Ridge
Two-piece Adjustable Ventilation Ridges
Two-piece Adjustable Close Fitting Ridges
Two-piece Adjustable Plain Wing Ridges
Plain Wing Barge Board
Cranked Plain Wing Barge Board
Roll Top Barge Board
Cranked Roll Top Barge Board
Vergeline Barge Board
Cranked Vergeline Barge Board
Disc Finial
Two-piece Hooded Finial
Diamond Finial

Thousands of EUROSIX roofing sheets delivered every week

Based in Highbridge, our headquarters has the largest stock of the UK's favourite fibre cement roofing sheets; EUROSIX anywhere in the Great Britain. We have forklifts constantly loading vehicles to go direct to our customers farms and sites.

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