EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting coloured Anthracite and supplied by Briarwood Products has recently been a welcome addition to a busy equestrian business in Buckinghamshire. A new stable block has been constructed to support the high demand for equestrian eventing in the area.  

The EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting with a ventilated ridge system supplied for this project was specified to increase natural ventilation and contribute to the comfort and general welfare of the horses. Efficient ventilation is very important in any livestock building as it reduces moisture levels and encourages a flow of fresh air to replace damp stale air which can carry bacteria and disease. Other major benefits of a fibre cement roof are a maintenance free and watertight roof covering with a natural vapour permeability which minimises the effects of condensation along with excellent acoustic insulation which aids noise reduction from external weather conditions such as rainstorms and hail.

Horses and most livestock can be upset easily by the sound made by aggressive weather conditions beating down on alternative roof coverings to fibre cement which is only one reason why EUROSIX from Briarwood Products was specified to cover the stables which house very high value equestrian stock. 

Fibre cement roof sheets delivered direct-to-site

Being the manufacturer of the UK's favourite fibre cement sheeting, EUROSIX, is one thing; being able to place an order for all of your roofing needs is another! Briarwood takes the hassle out of managing multiple suppliers by being able to buy all of your roofing sheets, fittings, fixings, rainwater goods, purlins and timber all in one place!