Cheshire based equestrian facility uses Briarwood fibre cement products for over 20 years

Somerford Park Farm, a prominent equestrian facility in Cheshire, has recently chosen EUROSIX fibre cement to cover its large structures that are designed to house horses. The decision to use EUROSIX fibre cement is a testament to the product's durability, strength, and versatility. The material is ideal for equestrian facilities as it provides excellent insulation and soundproofing, which are important factors in maintaining a comfortable and stress-free environment for horses.

Somerford Park Farm is known for its diverse range of equestrian facilities, including indoor and outdoor arenas, horse livery facilities, cross country schooling, and hosting major equestrian events such as the British Dressage event every year. The facility's reputation for excellence in the equestrian industry has been built on its ability to provide high-quality facilities that cater to the needs of horses and riders alike. The decision to use EUROSIX fibre cement in the construction of its large structures is consistent with the facility's commitment to providing the best possible environment for horses.

Briarwood, the company responsible for delivering the EUROSIX fibre cement to the site, delivered thousands of six-inch profiled sheeting and GRP rooflights, along with other complementary accessories. Briarwood's delivery of EUROSIX fibre cement is a testament to the product's popularity in the construction industry. EUROSIX fibre cement is widely recognized for its strength, durability, and versatility, making it a popular choice for construction projects of all types.

In conclusion, Somerford Park Farm's decision to use EUROSIX fibre cement to cover its large structures is a testament to the material's superior quality and durability. The material's ability to provide excellent insulation and soundproofing makes it an ideal choice for equestrian facilities, where the comfort and well-being of horses are of paramount importance. Briarwood's delivery of thousands of EUROSIX fibre cement sheets to the site underscores the product's popularity in the construction industry and its suitability for a wide range of projects.

Fibre cement roof sheets delivered direct-to-site

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