Dairy & Beef

Having a well-ventilated cattle building is essential for looking after your livestocks mental and physical wellbeing. Briarwood manufacture ventilation systems which thousands of farmers in Great Britain have been using for over 40 years.

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Briarwood understand the exact requirements for your roof when it comes to planning and designing a structure to house pigs. Our EUROSIX fibre cement sheets is a perfect solution to ensure that your pigs are looked after from the naturally occuring elements, whilst also protecting them from the build-up of ammonia.

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As horses are generally quite scared animals and spook easily, it is important to ensure that they are comfortable wherever they go. Our EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting is the best roofing solution for horses due to their ability to reduce noise and condensation, making the environment a healthy space to be in.

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Other livestock

Different livestock have different requirements, therefore maintaining the temperature and humidity is a key factor when it comes to designing a structure. Our EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting has great absorption properties allowing the living space to stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, but also maintains the level of moisture built up from the livestock.


Keep the assets which run your farm protected and secure by using our EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting for the roof and to clad your structure. Our EUROSIX fibre cement sheets are extremely durable and reinforced with polypropylene strips which run the entire length of the sheet.

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Arable crops

When it comes to harvesting crops, it is important to consider how the crop is stored and where it is stored - too much and too little moisture can harm your crop therefore ruining your investment. Due to our EUROSIX fibre cement properties, our sheets are perfect and maintaining the level of moisture and also reduces condensation; thus protecting your crop.

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Protect your storage by using a practical, long lasting, durable and safe roofing solution; EUROSIX does not break the boundaries when it comes to sticking to budgets.

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Other buildings

With EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting being a relatively cost effective roofing solution, lots of users put our sheets on their small project such as greenhouses, garages and outbuildings. EUROSIX is able to contain the heat inside due to its special thermal properties.

Case studies


See what our customers have to say about our fibre cement roofing sheets and how Briarwood have helped them.