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Steel Section Range

The Briarwood Steel Sections range consists of a range of roof and side rail zed purlins, made from cold rolled steel in depths ranging from 121mm to 200mm deep.

Our sections come with a wide range of compatible accessories and can be supplied for the majority of cladding types and designs.

Steel purlins and sections we can supply

Steel Zed Purlins
Steel C Section Purlins
Steel Purlin Sleeves
Eaves Beams
Purlin Cleats


Unbeatable fast delivery

Briarwood can deliver any sized roofing order within 3-5 working days.


We can guarantee that no stock will be damaged upon delivery because all stock is hand picked

Own in-house network

We utilise our own in-house transport equipment as we do not use pallet or transport networks

Unloading of orders

Our delivery drivers can help unload your orders upon delivery

Free delivery over threshold

All orders which are above our delivery threshold will receive free delivery

Friendly drivers

All of our drivers always have a smile on their faces and enjoy delivering your orders

You choose the delivery date

Want your order on a specific date? Briarwood can make that happen

Guaranteed offload

Not got a forklift? Our fleet have vehicle mounted forklifts so we can offload direct onto your specified address

Delivered direct-to-site when you want it; where you want it.

Utilising our own in-house transport network which we have invested heavily into with a fleet of over 20+ specialist vehicles, we can deliver any sized order within 3-5 working days. If you do not want your fibre cement order so soon, you can also choose when you want it to be delivered and we will make it happen.

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