Conibears partners with Briarwood Products

Briarwood are thrilled to share some exciting news with you all. As we expand operations in Devon and Cornwall, we are proud to be partnering with Crediton-based Conibears to increase the supply of BIG 6 fibre cement roofing sheets, complementing fittings, GRP roof lights and accessories.

By partnering with Conibears, we can offer: 

  • Full Fibre Cement Product Range: Conibears will stock our complete range of high-quality fibre cement products. This includes the popular BIG 6®/EUROSIX traditional 6-inch fibre cement profile, which has been a trusted choice among customers.
  • Stock Availability: Conibears will have a wide range of stock available which means you can easily collect the products you need without delays. If collection is not viable, then a delivery service is available.
  • Painted Range: As part of the agreement Devon and Cornwall customers have full access to Briarwoods entire painted fibre cement range.
  • Manufacturers’ Guarantee: All BIG 6 fibre cement sheets stocked at Conibears are backed with our 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee, as well as our 10-year paint guarantee.

This agreement marks a significant milestone for Briarwood and Conibears, and it underscores our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, particularly those in the agricultural sector in Devon and Cornwall.

Since the agreement was signed on 10th November 2023, we have already seen a marked take up for the BIG 6 products through our new partner.

Alistair Magor, Conibears MD, said “Conibears have always been known for excellent customer service, and our primary aim in arriving at this partnership with Briarwood has been to safeguard the interests of our many customers throughout the South West during a turbulent time for the market. We believe that this agreement will do just that and enable us to move forward with confidence into the future.”