Press Release: Briarwood Products to acquire Spanish company, Tubex SA

Briarwood Products has acquired Tubex SA to expand its fibre cement production capacity and Market share in Spain, UK and Ireland, creating the largest profiled fibre cement fittings producer in the world.

Following the acquisition in 2020 of Landini S.P.A, the Briarwood Group continues to expand its portfolio of building material manufacturers by purchasing the Spanish company, Tubex SA.

Tubex SA, was founded in 1986, by the partners D. Miguel Aguirre Urcola and D. Andre Chaussette Braham to become a pioneer in the manufacture of fibre cement sheets and moulded accessories, and still focuses on quality and proven experience over the last 30 years of trading.

The fibre cement production lines of Tubex have been developed using advanced technology, to enable manufacturing of the highest quality. Tubex accessories, unlike other brands, are the only ones manufactured by pressing, which guarantees the highest density (1'65 gr/cm3) providing products with greater durability.

With Tubex’s strong presence in Europe and Briarwood’s roofing products known globally, Briarwood Group now has increased capacity to enable unrivalled lead times in the industry.

“Acquiring Tubex is another major milestone for Briarwood’s growth helping us achieve our longer term objective of being the key manufacturer for all fibre cement profiled sheeting products”.

“No organisation is better positioned to plan and deliver the next generation of fibre cement products, with the addition of Tubex further bolstering our production capabilities”.

“I am delighted to add Tubex’s premium product portfolio, which I have personally followed for over 20 years, with its well-recognised and trusted fibre cement range to our existing offering, creating the largest profiled fibre cement fittings producer in the world”.

Oliver Janes, Managing Director of Briarwood Products Ltd

As my Father once told me, “Tubex makes the world's finest fittings, Landini makes the world's best sheets” now I am proud that they are both within the Briarwood Group.

We aim to have the new product ranges available to customers to purchase during the fourth quarter of 2022.

The brand will remain as Briarwood in the UK and Ireland and will be rebranded Tubex; A Briarwood Company overseas.