PRESS RELEASE: Getting Brexit Ready

Briarwood Products, the UK’s largest suppliers of EUROSIX Fibre Cement Roofing has been reinforcing its supply chain to ensure Brexit will not impact its ability to meet customer demand

Somerset Farmer Alan Janes established Briarwood Products over 40 years ago, which has grown to become a Nationwide supplier to farmers and steel frame manufacturers. The company has built a reputation for holding the largest stock of fibre cement roofing and accessories at its 21-acre site off the M5.

“It’s key to the running of the business that our ability to supply stock will remain unchanged despite the challenges presented by Brexit.”

(Alan Janes, Founder)

The family run business works diligently to ensure the business is future proofed. They have developed a Brexit strategy so the company can continue to provide a dependable service, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. A robust supply chain as well as carefully planned transport and delivery logistics means they will have the capacity to fulfil customer demand going forward. Briarwood has invested heavily in its own fleet of lorries and specialist delivery vehicles to ensure they have full control over the supply chain from factory to farmer.

The company manages their dedicated European production line to ensure that fibre cement sheets and accessories are manufactured to satisfy the market requirements. The vast inventory stock housed at the Briarwood Products warehouse will also help to maintain supply in times of uncertainty.

“Despite the unpredictability of the outcome of Brexit, we feel it is of paramount importance to our business that we can continue to supply our customers in the way we always have done. Our carefully planned Brexit strategy means we will be able to maintain our reputation to deliver stock to our customers when they need it.”

(Oliver Janes, Director)

The company has also expanded its customer service team to manage customer’s queries and also to guarantee that orders can be processed as efficiently as possible.