Carrying On Through The Coronavirus Crisis

With the unprecedented pandemic increasing in severity and impact, we have made the decision to continue trading through the Coronavirus Crisis. We would like to share why we have made this bold decision.

The main reason for continuing trading is that our ‘core’ business is supporting Farmers needs throughout the country, supplying building materials to support animal welfare and production. We play an important role supporting future supplies of Grain, Dairy and livestock into the food chain which is vital for the country’s well-being.

For this reason, the whole team at Briarwood feels strongly that we need to support our customers every way we possibly can. Even during the lockdown, we are still fully operational; our office team is open to receive orders and our transport fleet is delivering materials Nationwide. In fact, we have had to increase our delivery logistics to facilitate the growth demand.

“This is not a decision that has been taken lightly. The safety of everyone is our number one priority and we wish to maintain that, whilst supporting our customers, especially those who provide essential Farm Building construction and maintenance which is key to supporting the British food supply.”
– Oliver Janes, Director

We have had to make some changes to the way we operate to ensure our staff are protected and that we comply with the Government guidelines. We have closed our trade counter to the public and drivers do not have any customer contact on delivery. Masks and sanitizer are available to all staff and everyone complies with social distancing within the warehouse, office and onsite. We have also implemented regular deep cleaning within our 21-acre building.

As a Family of British farmers, we fully understand the crucial importance of our agricultural industry and how vital it is to keep Britain farming.

To demonstrate our solidarity with British Framers we have launched a new campaign “British Farmers Stick Together” placing adverts in the largest Agricultural Magazines, to promote new reduced rates we are offering the Farming Community during this time of uncertainty.
“It is a very tough and challenging time for everyone. We hope that by continuing to support our customers and provide vital support to the Farming Industry we will succeed in overcoming this hugely challenging time.” – Oliver Janes.