Continuing the production of the traditional fibre cement 6 inch profile​

Are you familiar with Briarwood and our popular product, the 6-inch EUROSIX fibre cement sheet? We want to assure everyone that we're still making these sheets in this profile. They've been part of our line-up for a very long time, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. Tradition is important to us, and we believe that our EUROSIX sheets are an excellent example of that.

But EUROSIX isn't the only thing we're continuing to make. We're also still producing all the parts that go along with the EUROSIX sheets. These parts, or ancillary fittings, include things like barge boards, ridges that come in one or two pieces, open-protected ridge upstands, movement joints, eave fillers, apron flashings, and more. We want to make sure you have everything you need for your projects.

Did you know our fibre cement products come in a bunch of different colours? The default is Natural Grey, but we also make other colours if you want something different. You can choose from Meadowscape (similar to Anthracite), Juniper Green, Van Dyke Brown, Slate Blue, Moorland Green, and Beaver Brown. This way, you can match your projects to different designs and landscapes.

Here's another thing we're keeping the same: our 'Factory to Farmer' guarantee. This means that we'll deliver any order, big or small, anywhere in the UK. The delivery will go straight to your farm, and we'll even take care of the offloading. We want to make sure you get our products easily and on time, no matter what.

Of course, you might have questions about our 6-inch EUROSIX profile. We want to help answer those. You can reach out to us in whatever way works best for you – email, phone call, or a response on this thread. We're here to give you any information you need.