Delivering an All-in-One Solution

Despite the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of Brexit hanging in the balance, the UK family owned company Briarwood has grown from strength to strength during this year of unprecedented crisis for many businesses.

2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year resulting in unanticipated price fluctuations and supply chain issues throughout the world, yet Briarwood has been able to work continually to provide on-going support to the construction and agricultural sectors, delivering an extensive range of building components to complement its renowned EUROSIX fibre cement roofing supply.

Briarwood began trading over 40 years ago supplying the finest quality fibre cement materials for agricultural builds. The company has gone on to expand its product range and now provides an entire building solution from Metal Profiled Sheets to PVC Rainwater Systems.

Operating as a family business has allowed the company to successfully navigate the unpredictable challenges of this year. Director Oliver Janes comments that rapid decision making has been crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure Briarwood has been able to move in time with the ever-changing perimeters effecting its customers as little as possible.

With the current economic climate putting more pressure on businesses to cut costs, Briarwood customers have welcomed the cost savings associated with using a single supplier for their roofing solutions. As well as the convenience of receiving a single delivery to help manage project efficiency and minimize downtime, regardless of the size of the build.

“With the uncertainty of the pandemic as well as Brexit in the foreseeable future our aim is to support our customers as much as we can, delivering materials up and down the country in order to keep Britain farming and building.”
Oliver Janes, Director

Significant investment in Briarwood’s infrastructure and ownership of the complete supply chain from the factory floor direct to site, as well as the Briarwood transport fleet has enabled the family business to offer an all-in-one supply of fibre cement sheets and associated building components to the industry. The company is ready to continue this same high level of service post Brexit into 2021 and beyond.