Dairy Farm Livestock Building

Over 6,000m2 of EUROSIX Anthracite fibre cement roofing sheets supplied by Briarwood Products from their Meadowscape range have been supplied to facilitate a major expansion of a Dairy Farm in the West of England. Reinforced Spaced Sheeting has been used on this project which provides efficient and natural ventilation. All items were available for immediate supply to site from the largest stock of Fibre Cement roofing sheets and fittings held in the UK held by Briarwood Products from their new premises at Highbridge, Somerset.

This dairy farm continues to expand and has been upgraded to a state of the art facility. Animal welfare plays a prime role in this operation. The new farm buildings are capable of housing and milking over 1,100 cows. All cows are cubicle housed and the best 40 cows at any time are housed in the same group, apart from these the buildings primarily house the cows in groups of 200 which are split according to stage of lactation. Each cow has its own sand bed cubicle which is 4ft wide.

Each group of 200 cows have deep sand bed cubicles and individual locking yokes which ensures every animal can rest or feed in their own time. All passages are flood washed up to 8 times a day and this dirty water is filtered to retrieve sand before being pumped out to fertilise the grazing and silage land.

A 60 point Rotadec rotary parlour has been installed and each cow is milked 3 times a day on a strict milking routine which sees a turnaround of 350 cows per hour.