Beef Farm Livestock Building

Major expansion on this Gloucester Beef Farm included new calf sheds, new livestock buildings and further extensions to existing farm buildings. This has all now been completed on time with a specification of over 2,300m2 of EUROSIX Anthracite fibre cement sheets and fittings supplied by Briarwood Products, These new buildings are required to service a major farm expansion now existing of 1750 beef cattle being managed by the 5th generation of this Gloucester farming family.

The ability for the original buildings to still be used on this very busy farm during the construction process was always a major requirement, along with successfully meeting approval of the local planning departments. Briarwood Products were easily able to support these direct to site demands from the largest stockholding of fibre cement sheet products in the UK which are all held under cover and delivered on Briarwoods own fleet of transport, the result of which was delivering all materials on time and in full during the various stages of this project. New and existing buildings are a range of open side and spaced timber boarding on the vertical detail with EUROSIX Cranked Ventilating Ridge sections and some open ridge details to allow efficient and clean air to flow within all the livestock buildings from eaves to ridge.

The farm covers around 3,000 acres where cattle graze the surrounding pasture and meadows. During the winter months, the cows are housed and fed on home produced fodder. The young stock are weaned at 6-8 months and are reared in groups and fed on homegrown cereals.

EUROSIX reinforced fibre cement sheeting is available in a full range of colours and in all sheet sizes with a complete range of fittings and ventilation systems to support any agricultural building specification, so you will have no need to restrict the design of your roof. The Meadowscape range of colours are a matt surface finish which reduces the effect of sun glare from the roof  and reduces reflection after rainfall which is often critical to support many planning application approvals. The full EUROSIX range of fibre cement sheeting are all BBA Approved and manufactured under QS ISO 9002 and also covered by Ce certification.