Green Waste Recycling Facility

EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting has been chosen to cover a green waste recycling factory which also includes a machinery store and maintenance workshop. This new venture in Cornwall currently already supplies wood pulp to The Eden Project and also many biomass facilities around Cornwall.

Green waste such as hedging, fallen leaves and wood which comes from commercial sources and local household waste recycling centres is stock piled outside, turned, shredded, graded and then stored inside under a EUROSIX fibre cement roof.
This new green waste initiative reduces the amount of products going directly to landfill and will supply several grades of compost, which can be used by commercial or domestic clients. As well as already supplying the Eden Project, an agreement to supply several local gardening groups who tend allotments in Cornwall has already been put in place.

The high moisture content within this compost storage building along with heat and vapours produced by the raw materials is the perfect reason why a EUROSIX fibre cement sheet has been specified. Fibre cement roof sheeting has natural resistance to chemical attack, reduces condensation forming, is rust free and has a natural ability to assist ventilation as well as being a low maintenance product. All together it makes an ideal roof to cover the green waste product recycling facility.

All EUROSIX fibre cement roof sheeting is supplied by Briarwood Products who hold the largest stock of this type within the UK. All is manufactured under QS ISO 9002, non fragile class C and covered by CE certification along with full BBA approval.