Our Manufacturing Centre

BRIARWOOD LANDINI stands as a distinguised manufacturer of cement-based building materials and has a rich heritage that spans generations. With a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its Italian and European clientele, BRIARWOOD LANDINI has become a renowned name in the industry.

BRIARWOOD LANDINI is the onyl fibre cement manufacturer in Italy with an impressive repertoire of over 15 types of cement-based products which are all produced onsite. Operating in adherence to UNI EN ISO 9001 quality systems certifications, we uphold stringent standards, ensuring the excellence of our offering.

We have a production capability and can handle over 10,000,000 square meters of fibre cement annually. As successful market leaders within the fibre cement manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom and Italy, we also sell to countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Denmark, United States of America, South Africa and many more.

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Market leaders in manufacturing across major European markets


Fibre Cement Profiled Roof Sheets

We have three dedicated fibre cement manufacturing lines where we produce 9 different types of profiled sheeting used in the UK market and internationally.

Fibre Cement Fittings

BRIARWOOD LANDINI boasts an extensive collection of hundreds of moulds, where our skilled team with over 30 workers meticulously handcraft our fibre cement fittings and accessories. Every fibre cement fitting you buy from BRIARWOOD has been manufactured at BRIARWOOD LANDINI.

Dedicated Paint Lines

BRIARWOOD LANDINI takes pride in our cutting-edge facilities featuring two state-of-the-art paint lines. We ensure that our technologically advanced paint lines not only meets the highest-quality of standards, but also caters to individual preferences, bringing vibrancy and versatility to every project.

Indoor stock holding

Similar to our Highbridge Headquarters in the United Kingdom, BRIARWOOD LANDINI have an impressive indoor storage space housing all fibre cement profiled sheeting and fittings.

52-acres of outdoor storage

BRIARWOOD LANDINI has the largest outdoor storage space within the group which is home to our entire product range produced onsite in Italy.

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