EUROSIX Reinforced Sheeting

EUROSIX Fibre Cement Profiled sheets are an excellent choice for roofing or cladding on any agricultural, industrial, commercial, or domestic building. The sheets are made from a combination of cement and plant fibres, which makes them strong and durable. They also allow natural ventilation to a building, which helps to prevent condensation and improve the flow of fresh air.

EUROSIX sheets come with a range of accessories that offer different ventilation options to suit different building types. The sheets also have natural thermal properties and acoustic insulation, which helps to protect against harsh weather conditions.

EUROSIX sheets are available in natural grey and 6 standard colors. Custom colors are also available upon request.

In addition to being a long-term investment, EUROSIX is also accredited by the BBA Safety Standards and covered by CE Certification. It also comes with a 30-year manufacturer's guarantee and a 10-year color sustainability guarantee. The sheets are reinforced with polypropylene strips that are integrated along every corrugation of the sheet for added strength and durability.



All of our EUROSIX fibre cement sheets are stocked in all of our Standard Colour Range options.


Standard Colour Range

Colour options help new buildings fit seamlessly with the landscape and assist with planning approvals.

Natural Grey
Juniper Green
Van Dyke Brown
Slate Blue
Moorland Green
Beaver Brown




EUROSIX Technical Specifications

EUROSIX Reinforcement Strips
EUROSIX Big Six 6 inch profile Technical Drawing

EUROSIX is a strong fibre cement sheet reinforced with polypropylene strips that are placed in strategic locations along the entire length of the sheet. This provides maximum impact strength without sacrificing the product's appearance, durability, or practicality.


Metric (mm) Imperial (ft & in) Dry weight (kg)
1375 mm 4' 6 22.37
1520 mm 5' 24.8
1675 mm 5' 6 27.29
1825 mm 6' 29.81
1975 mm 6' 6 32.58
2125 mm 7' 34.70
2275 mm 7' 6 37.31
2440 mm 8' 39.75
2600 mm 8' 6 42.35
2740 mm 9' 44.64
2900 mm 9' 6 47.27
3050 mm 10' 49.70



Overall width 1086 mm
Cover width 1016 mm
Thickness 6.5 mm
Corrugation pitch 146.5 mm
Depth of profile 47.6 mm
Side lap 70 mm
Minimum end lap 150 mm
Minimum roof pitch
Maximum unsupported overhang 350 mm
Standard colour Natural grey
Class C1X
Maximum purlin centres 1375 mm
Maximum rail centres 1825 mm
Approx weight when installed 17kg/m2


Product Characteristics

Reinforcement strips

Reinforcement strips are inserted along the entire length of the sheet to provide maximum impact strength without affect the durability of the sheet.

Natural Ventilation

Natural thermal properties and sound insulation offering protection against more extreme weather conditions.


Maintenance free, resistant to rust, rot and corrosion and covered by a 30 year Manufacturer Guarantee.

Thermal conductivity

Due to the low thermal conductivity of the fibre cement sheets, it helps reduce heat build-up in the Summer whilst in the Winter, it helps prevent heat loss. The thermal conductivity value is 0.34 V/mK.


Our fibre cement sheets are Class 1 fire rated and has been tested to the standard BS 476/7 of 1997.

Sound insulation

Our fibre cement sheets are Class 1 fire rated and has been tested to the standard BS 476/7 of 1997.

Condensation control

EUROSIX absorbs up to 25% of its own dry weight in moisture which then evaporates in different conditions.

Water resistant

EUROSIX is classified as water resistant meaning that water exposure will not negatively impact the fact of the sheets.


Our EUROSIX sheeting requires zero maintenance in order to achieve the products expected lifespan.

EUROSIX fibre cement primary fittings and accessories


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We have invested heavily in our own in-house transportation network, which includes a fleet of over 20 specialist vehicles. This allows us to deliver any size order within 3-5 working days. If you don't need your fibre cement order that quickly, you can also choose a specific delivery date and we will make sure it arrives on time.

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